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Video: Tom Allen discusses the Indiana quarterback battle



Indiana football head coach Tom Allen speaks to reporters about the on-going quarterback battle on Tuesday morning. (Tom Allen / Indiana Athletics)

Indiana head coach Tom Allen spoke with reporters on Tuesday morning and discussed many topics. The most notable was the on-going quarterback battle for the Indiana football program.

Right now, Tennessee transfer Tayven Jackson and redshirt freshman Brendan Sorsby are the two in the mix.

Below are some key quotes and the full video Q&A from Indiana head coach Tom Allen.

On current competition: “We have two more scrimmages that I feel like we need to know better for that. I think there is back and forth, good days for one where one may take the lead, so I think they are both obviously young, they are both learning, they are both making plays. I think it is a process you go through, without questions. I just think we are not even ready to say who is in the lead at this point.”

On dynamic between the two: “I will tell you what, they are really great with each other, which is always an interesting dynamic, in terms of the meeting rooms and on the practice field and off the field. I just thing you have two high-quality young men that have a lot of talent, that are highly competitive. They both want to be the guy without question. The thing that sticks out to me is that they encourage each other.”

On Tayven Jackson in a new system: “That is probably a little more challenging because you are new to everything. Obviously, being here in January was huge, and he knew some of the guys already, which helped, I think. At the same time, you have to earn that ability to speak … I think any time you come in new, you have to establish yourself in the weight room, establish yourself by how you are going to work, how are you going to practice, and how you handle when things don’t go your way.”

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