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Overreactions from Week 2 in the Big Ten



Ryan Walters, Big Ten
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Well, we have some storylines in the Big Ten after Week 2, don’t we? Kirk Ferentz got win No. 200, Northwestern’s David Braun and Purdue’s Ryan Walters picked up their first head coaching victories on Saturday. The Big Ten West looks … rough and we might have three contenders for a championship in the Big Ten East.

But what fun is it to talk about the serious things from the second weekend of the college football season? Instead, let’s get straight to some overreactions!

Ryan Walters, big ‘Enter Sandman’ guy

By now, college football fans are well-acquainted with Virginia Tech’s tradition of playing Metallica’s Enter Sandman. And, to be quite honest, there’s maybe never been a time in which the lyrics “exit light, enter night” have applied more appropriately for a game.

After nearly a six-hour delay, a bulk of Saturday’s Purdue-Virginia Tech game was finally played. A kickoff scheduled for noon ended under the lights — and it resulted in Ryan Walters’ first win as a head coach.

I can’t help but think his energy during Enter Sandman was a big reason for the Purdue win. Just look at this movin’ and groovin’ before Saturday’s game restarted. Although, seeing Walters on the sidelines did remind of me of the always-relevant quote from Hitch, “Don’t you bite your lip!”


You can’t keep Jim Harbaugh off the sidelines, NCAA!

This week in “Where in the Wold is Jim Harbaugh?” the Michigan head coach returned to the sidelines … of a youth football game. And he wasn’t even coaching. Instead, good ol’ Harbs decided to help out the officiating crew during one of his son’s youth football games.

On a serious note, this is a really cool way to spend a Saturday when you’re suspended. It’s also a great way to get in some quality family time. On another serious note – we have to question whether or not Harbaugh is qualified for this job, based on his stance on “the spot” in 2016.

Win No. 200 for Kirk Ferentz in the CyHawk game

Sometimes, things in sports just line up perfectly. Saturday, Iowa’s Kirk Ferentz won his 200th career game as a college football head coach, with 188 of those coming with the Hawkeyes. To do it against in-state rival Iowa State? That’s a fun storyline.

Kudos to the longtime head coach of Iowa for the impressive accomplishment! (Not to take away from it, but it is worth mentioning that Brian Ferentz still hasn’t scored 25 points in a game this season.)

Dear Kansas, Please no

For the longest time, Kansas was known for playing some of the ugliest football you’ve ever seen on American soil. Now that they’re playing much better, apparently the Jayhawks are attempting to become known for playing football in the ugliest uniforms you’ve ever seen on American soil.

I know Kansas isn’t a Big Ten member (but conference expansion, so who knows), but the Jayhawks sported these atrocities against Illinois on Friday night, so there is some tie-in. Seriously, is a fake bird mascot not enough? Let’s get rid of these, Kansas. Don’t let these ugly uniforms overshadow your much-better football playing!

Can we please stop with the shouting, college football broadcasters?

I don’t know who started this trend (Gus Johnson, it was absolutely Gus Johnson), but there seems to be a growing fad among college football broadcasters to just shout into the microphone. Sometimes, it’s warranted. Other times, it’s a poor attempt to generate WAY too much excitement.

Personally, I’d enjoy it if there was less shouting involved in these games. Maybe reserve it for those truly big moments? Just a thought.

Welcome back to America, Northwestern

Break out the “Welcome home,” signs, Northwestern has won a game on American soil! You might not consider that a big deal, but the Wildcats’ 38-7 victory over UTEP on Saturday marked the first game the team has won in the country since Oct. 16, 2021 (Rutgers).

Joking aside, I will give interim head coach David Braun some credit for this win — his first in the role. A week ago, Northwestern looked like a team that might not win a single game this season. After beating UTEP, and with Howard on the schedule, there’s a real chance the Cats can double last year’s win total (1 win).

The Big Ten East will end with a perfect record in the B1GCG

Look, I fully admit I do not know who represents the East in Indianapolis this year. Michigan looks like the best team. Penn State is a legitimate contender. Never count out Ohio State. But one thing I can say, with 100% certainty, is that whoever is in the Big Ten Championship Game from the East is going to win.

Have you seen the Big Ten West?! I know it’s early, but this might be the gappiest year in the Big Ten between the two sides. So, congrats to the East. It absolutely dominated the Championship Game for over a decade. As Bill Murray once said in Space Jam, “I’m gonna go out undefeated and untied!”

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