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Indiana Basketball: Top 2025 Targets to Watch for this AAU Season



Fishers Tigers guard Jalen Haralson (10) shoots a free throw Friday, Dec. 16, 2022, at Fishers High School. High School Basketball Hs Basketball Fishers Vs Hamilton Southeastern Hamilton Southeastern Royals At Fishers Tigers (© Armond Feffer/IndyStar / USA TODAY NETWORK)

Indiana Basketball has officially moved deep into the offseason which means recruiting is going to ramp up with AAU right around the corner. Mike Woodson and staff have their eyes set on some of the top 2025 prospects including Jalen Haralson, Trent Sisley, and others have positioned themselves to make a huge splash with this recruiting class.

The spring AAU season officially kicks off in a few weeks with circuits such as EYBL, 3SSB, UAA, and many others having their first events. The first two live evaluation periods start at the end of the month beginning April 21-23 and ending April 28-30 so the entire Indiana Basketball staff will be on the road watching their targets in action.

With that said, here is a look at some of the top 2025 targets to watch for this AAU season

Jalen Haralson: (6-7; Point Guard)

Team: Indy Heat 17U

Circuit: EYBL

High School: Fishers High School (IN)

Scouting Notes: When it comes to the 2025 class and who Indiana is targeting, arguably the number one prospect on that list is 6-7 point guard Jalen Haralson out of Fishers, Indiana. Haralson is one of the more special players to come out of the state of Indiana in a long time. He is terrific with the ball in his hands and and his ability to finish at the rim is fantastic. He has the elite combination of quickness, strength, and athleticism that makes him extremely difficult to defend at any position. Haralson, along with Trent Sisley, has been a priority target for Mike Woodson ever since he came into high school. Haralson is one of the top players nationally in the 2025 class.

Main Programs Involved: Indiana, Purdue, Michigan, Ohio State, Michigan State, Iowa, Florida State, Auburn, Missouri, Maryland, and others

Trent Sisley: (6-7; Power Forward)

Team: Indy Heat 17U

Circuit: EYBL

High School: Heritage Hills (IN)

Scouting Notes: Speaking of Trent Sisley, this is another prospect that is high on the target list for Mike Woodson and this Indiana staff. At 6’7, Sisley is an extremely versatile power forward that can play both the wing and post very consistently. He is very good about knocking down the outside jumper while also having the ability to take his defender off the dribble and score through contact. This past high school season, Sisley proved to be one of the top scorers in the state which should translate into this AAU season. With Mike Woodson looking to bring in more versatile power forwards who can stretch the floor and provide multiple options in the post as well, Sisley is someone that can fill that roll.

Main Programs Involved: Indiana, Purdue, Iowa, Michigan State, Ohio State, and others 

Malachi Moreno: (6-11; Power Forward)

Team: Indiana Elite 2025

Circuit: 3SSB

High School: Great Crossing (KY)

Scouting Notes: When looking at true, athletic bigs that have great length, Moreno fits that description. While his frame and weight aren’t the strongest points of his game, his athletic ability and footwork make him excellent around the basket. He is not someone that can go out and stretch the floor consistently right now, but he is a great pick-and-roll big that loves to finish above the rim. There is still a good amount of areas in his game that need to hit that next level and improve on, but when Mike Woodson starts looking at adding size from the 2025 class, Moreno is an intriguing option.

Main Programs Involved: Indiana, Xavier, Iowa, Ohio State, Cincinnati, Purdue, Missouri, and others

EJ Walker: (6-7; Small Forward)

Team: Brad Beal Elite 16U

Circuit: EYBL

High School: Lloyd Memorial (KY)

Scouting Notes: Walker is already one of the more sought after 2025s in the nation currently. At 6’7, Walker has the ability to play both the wing and post at a high level due to his skill and overall long size. His ballhandling skills are also really impressive when you look at his long arms as he can play more of a “point-forward” role if the offense calls for it. His versatility to play face up or his back to the basket is also one of the area that makes him standout. While there are still questions on what position is he is comfortable guarding, there is a ton of potential of what Walker could become at the next level.

Main Programs Involved: Indiana, Louisville, Purdue, Ohio State, Xavier, Missouri, Virginia,  Minnesota, and others

Kellen Pickett: (6-8; Power Forward)

Team: Indy Heat 16U

Circuit: EYBL

High School: Fort Wayne Blackhawk Christian (IN)

Scouting Notes: Kellen Pickett has slowly became one of the bigger stock-risers in the state of Indiana when it comes to the 2025 class. He is coming into this AAU season after helping lead Fort Wayne Blackhawk Christian to the Class 2A State Championship, who is also coached by former Indiana guard Matt Roth. At 6-8, Pickett is a very versatile power forward that has one of the highest motors out of the players listed here. He attacks the rim very aggressively whether that be to score or rebound. Defensively, he has the length and quickness to guard both post and perimeter. While he does not have any offers yet, Pickett is a player destined to explode this spring/summer.

Main Programs Involved: Indiana and others

Azavier Robinson: (6-1; Point Guard)

Team: George Hill All Indy 17U

Circuit: NY2LA

High School: Lawrence North

Scouting Notes: Azavier Robinson is a player that has been on Indiana’s radar for awhile now but has not gotten an official offer yet by Mike Woodson and staff. Robinson is a lightening quick guard that can score at all three levels of the floor. When it comes to getting past the defender and getting to the basket, Robinson’s speed and on-ball skills are a major advantage of his. He is a  highly athletic player and is so explosive off the dribble and just overall has elite playmaking ability right now. He comes from the same high school as Indiana guard CJ Gunn and has been to Indiana a few times so there is for sure interest from the coaching staff. As of right now, there is no offer yet but he is still firmly on Indiana’s radar.

Main Programs Involved: Indiana, St. Johns, Indiana State, and others

Meleek Thomas: (6-3; Shooting Guard)

Team: New York Lightening 17U

Circuit: EYBL

High School: Lincoln Park (PA)

Scouting Notes: According to a lot of rankings, 6-3 shooting guard Meleek Thomas might be the highest rated player when it comes to the 2025 target list for Indiana. Thomas is a long guard that gets to his spots so well on the floor while also being an extremely talented scorer. Both on and off the ball, he is a true playmaker whether that be for himself or for his teammates. He typically has played the role as the guy you go to when you need a bucket. He is easily at his best when he has the chance to make a play at the rim. He is the type of playmaking guard that would excel in Mike Woodson’s system.

Main Programs Involved: Indiana, Xavier, Villanova, Pittsburgh, Kansas State, Michigan, and others

Caleb Wilson: (6-7; Power Forward)

Team: Georgia Stars 17U

Circuit: EYBL

High School: Holy Innocents (GA)

Scouting Notes: Wilson is a long, lanky power forward with a solid amount of smoothness and athletic ability. At this stage right now in his playing career, he is a hybrid between and post forward/wing that relies on his athleticism to score at the rim. He is a player that is very active 15ft and in whether that be scoring around the basket, pulling up for a mid-range jumper, or attacking the glass for the boards. Needs to improve in adding weight and find more consistency in his outside jumper, but the potential in this guy is through the roof. Next step for Mike Woodson and staff would be to get this guy on campus for a visit.

Main Programs Involved: Indiana, Stanford, Alabama, Cincinnati, Georgia, Missouri, Xavier, and others

Jasper Johnson: (6-4; Point Guard)

Team: Team Thad 17U

Circuit: EYBL

High School: Woodford County (KY)

Scouting Notes: As far as stock-risers in the 2025 class, Jasper Johnson is quickly becoming one of them. Johnson is an incredibly long, crafty lead guard that can really get hot from deep range if given the opportunity to do so. When he is on the ball, he is really crafty through the lane using a host of different moves to get past a defender and finishing at the rim. On the defensive end, his long length help him be a force on that end. While there is not an official offer from the Hoosiers yet, he is player on their radar as they continue to look for long, playmaking guards that can be stoppers on the defensive end.

Main Programs Involved: Indiana, Louisville, West Virginia, Alabama, Ohio State, Xavier, Texas A&M, Arkansas, Memphis, Xavier, Cincinnati, and others

Koa Pete: (6-8; Small Forward)

Team: Compton Magic 17U

Circuit: 3SSB

High School: Perry High School (AZ)

Scouting Notes: Out of all the players on this list, Koa Pete is arguably the highest rated player on here. At 6-8 and a near 215 pounds, Pete is a well-built wing that can score at all three levels and is just an incredible finisher around the rim. He is more of a true combo-forward that can play both on and off the ball at a high level and is one of the best passing wings in the 2025 class. Overall, he is one of the more polished players in the 2025 class that has the body and skill to compete at a high level already. Would be an incredible get for Mike Woodson and Indiana.

Main Programs Involved: Indiana, Arizona, Tennessee, Washington State, LSU, Baylor, Michigan, Nebraska, Memphis, Illinois, Kansas State, Stanford, and others

Braylon Mullins: (6-4; Shooting Guard)

Team: Indiana Elite 2025

Circuit: 3SSB

High School: Greenfield-Central High School (IN)

Scouting Notes: While players such as Jalen Haralson and Trent Sisley get the majority of the attention when it comes to the in-state 2025 class, Mullins is starting to make a real name for himself. Mullins is a very balanced player that scores the ball at a high level are all three offensive areas and provides a ton of length on the wing as well. A pretty versatile player overall that can be placed at nearly any spot right now and can produce. He is an incredibly smooth player that knows how to score which is why Indiana has taken an interest in him. He is a player that could breakout this spring/summer.

Main Programs Involved: Indiana, Purdue, Butler, Indiana State, and IUPUI 

Darryn Peterson: (6-5; Shooting Guard)

Team: All-Ohio I7U

Circuit: EYBL

High School: Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy (OH)

Scouting Notes: Peterson is another player in the 2025 class that can make a case as the best overall prospect. At 6-5, Peterson is a real physical guard that can play both on and off the ball at an extremely high level. When on the ball, he has proven to be real explosive and and crafty when in the lane or when he is creating a jumper for himself. Along with his incredible feel for the game already, he is such an advanced shot creator, which is what makes him such a high prospect. Could become a big priority of Mike Woodson and Indiana as AAU season goes this year.

Main Programs Involved: Indiana, Arizona State, Akron, Illinois, Alabama, Cincinnati, Kentucky, Baylor, Ohio State, Missouri, TCU, Texas, and others

Bryson Tiller: (6-8; Small Forward)

Team: Atlanta Xpress 17U

Circuit: UAA

High School: Overtime Elite (Pro League)

Scouting Notes: Tiller is a highly athletic wing that has great size and length at his position. He is one of the best in the class at getting to his spots and finishing at all three levels of the floor. The 6-8 wing is great about taking his defender off the dribble and scoring off the catch. While he can play off the ball, he has proven to be his best on the ball when he can create his own look. As a defender, his athletic ability and length make him lockdown at times. Tiller would be a perfect fit for Mike Woodson as he looks for more athletic, long wings that can create their own shot.

Main Programs Involved: Indiana, Auburn, Houston, Xavier, Stanford, Georgia, and others

Mikel Brown Jr.: (6-1; Point Guard)

Team: Austin Rivers SE Elite

Circuit: 3SSB

High School: Sunrise Christian Academy (KS)

Scouting Notes: While Brown Jr. is a shorter lead guard, he is a quick player on the ball and plays like a true floor general. He is a “past first” type of guard but does such a good job at creating for his teammates and has the handles to really make something happen with the ball. His floor vision is high and his jumper is about as smooth and consistent as you can get for guy that is as unselfish as he is. We know how high Mike Woodson is on his point guard and Brown Jr. has the skill to provide what the Indiana head coach would need in the next couple of years.

Main Programs Involved: Indiana, Seton Hall, Florida, Baylor, Kansas, Texas Tech, Tennessee, Maryland, Auburn, and others

Trey McKenney: (6-5; Shooting Guard)

Team: Meanstreets 2024

Circuit: EYBL

High School: St. Mary’s High School (MI)

Scouting Notes: McKenney is a 6’5 shooting guard that is so physical and is not afraid to play through contact to get a chance to finish in the paint. While he is not the quickest player on the floor, he loves to use his strong, big frame to get past his defender and be such a load to handle once he is out in transition. He is real aggressive on the defensive end and is a very good on-ball defender. Jumper still needs some work as far as consistency, but as far as physicality, McKenney is one of the more advanced in this class. He has already been on Indiana’s campus so he will likely still be a high target for Mike Woodson and staff.

Main Programs Involved: Indiana, Michigan, Michigan State, LSU, Miami (FL), Stanford, Oregon, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas State, Missouri, Alabama, and others 

Dezmon Briscoe: (6-8; Center)

Team: Indiana Elite 2025

Circuit: 3SSB

High School: Crispus Attucks (IN)

Scouting Notes: Dezmon Briscoe is proving to be the best in-state 2025 center we have Indiana with the amount of skill he has proved he has at his position. As a truer post player, Briscoe has fantastic footwork and takes up a ton space around the block. His ability to make a quick move out of the post-up is extremely impressive along with his court vision and IQ for his position. He finishes well and is a guy that loves to rebound. Still needs some fine-tuning overall, but this could be a guy that finds a firm spot on Indiana’s radar especially if learns how to stretch the floor. A player to keep an eye on this AAU season.

Main Programs Involved: Indiana, Iowa, Kent State, IUPUI, and others 

Bryce Heard: (6-5; Shooting Guard)

Team: Florida Rebels 16u

Circuit: EYBL

High School: Montverde Academy (FL)

Scouting Notes: Bryce Heard is another guard that comes from the prestigious Montverde Academy, who Indiana is known to recruit out of extremely well. Heard is a 6’5 athletic guard who is great in the open space and has the ability to finish at the rim very well. Can score from 15ft and out well but is at his best either getting to the rim or finding room to get a mid-range shot off. His size and quickness make him such a tough guard to contain once he finds his rhythm. It will be interesting if Indiana recruits him as hard as they have with the other Montverde Academy.

Main Programs Involved: Indiana, Illinois, St John’s, California, LSU, and others

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