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Indiana Basketball Recruiting: Updates on Indiana targets on EYBL circuit ahead of Peach Jam



Trent Sisley - Headshot - Run N Slam - Fort Wayne Indiana - Credit: Kyler Staley - 5/6

With all four sessions of the Nike EYBL circuit in the rearview mirror, most of the Indiana basketball targets now turn their focus to the annual Peach Jam in North Augusta, South Carolina.

When it comes to recruiting, most of the targets that Mike Woodson and the Indiana basketball staff have their eyes on come from Nike EYBL circuit with players like Liam McNeeley, Trent Sisley, Jalen Haralson, Jaeden Mustaf, and many others all playing in that circuit.

With Nike Peach Jam just around the corner (July 3rd-9th), let’s take a look at all the Indiana targets on the Nike EYBL circuit and update how they did through four sessions plus some scouting notes for each.


Liam McNeeley: (6-foot-8; Small Forward)

Team: Florida Rebels 17U

Year: 2024

Points: 15.8

Rebounds: 4.2

Assists: 1.8

FG %: 44.8% (65-of-145)

3FG %: 41.7% (25-of-60)

Scouting Notes: McNeeley entered into this AAU season as arguably the top Indiana basketball target in the 2024 class. After spending last year playing for Drive Nation, then transferring to the prestigious Montverde Academy in Florida for his high school season, he will now play for the Florida Rebels 17U squad. What makes McNeeley so special of a player is that he is a true hybrid forward that has the ability to play both on and off the ball consistently. His motor and aggressiveness on both ends is at a high level and when he has the opportunity to attack the basket, he does it without hesitation being one of the better players in the 2024 class at getting to the line. The 6-foot-8 wing is great playmaker that creates so much offense around him, as well. He recently included in Indiana in his top 6.

Main Programs Involved: Indiana, Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma, Michigan and Alabama

Jaeden Mustaf: (6-4; Shooting Guard)

Team: Boo Williams 17U

Year: 2024

Points: 18.6

Rebounds: 4.9

Assists: 3.2

FG %: 47.1% (81-of-172)

3FG %: 21.1% (8-of-38)

Scouting Notes: “Mustaf is one of the more athletic shooting guards in the 2024 class and has proved to be so crafty with the ball in his hands. He is arguably at his best right now when he can score around the rim but has shown promise in his ability to create his own jumper both on and off the ball. Due to his size, defensively he can guard almost any position at this time He recently cut his list to five schools with Indiana being one of them so he will be one of the priorities heading into this spring for Mike Woodson and the Indiana Basketball staff. He is the type of wing that Woodson and the Indiana basketball staff is looking for.”

Main Programs Involved: Indiana, NC State, Florida State, Virginia Tech, and Miami (FL)

Boogie Fland: (6-foot-4; Point Guard)

Team: PSA Cardinals 17U

Year: 2024

Points: 15.0

Rebounds: 3.8

Assists: 2.8

FG %: 43.5% (84-of-193)

3FG %: 33.3% (32-of-96)

Scouting Notes: “Because Fland can play both with and without the ball in his hands, going to a place where he can do both is ideal. Fland is a terrific scoring guard who has great explosiveness. Fland is always in attack mode and can score at all three levels on the floor. He is best with the ball in his hands and making plays for himself or teammates. Fland has a very good mid-range game and utilizes a lot of different moves in the paint to create separation and get his shot up. With good size as well, at 6-foot-4, he’s a long and rangy guard who is a very talented defender. He has the tools to be a lockdown on ball defender as well as talented off the ball defensive player. He recently finished his Indiana visit.

Main Programs Involved: Indiana, Michigan, North Carolina, Kentucky, UConn, Alabama, St. John’s, Auburn, Miami and others.

Curtis Givens: (6-foot-3; Combo Guard)

Team: MoKan Elite 17U

Year: 2024

Points: 16.9

Rebounds: 2.4

Assists: 3.6

FG %: 40.0% (98-of-245)

3FG %: 34.1% (44-of-129)

Scouting Notes: “Givens has good size at the lead guard spot at 6-foot-3. He’s not going to blow you away with his athleticism but his pace and understanding of an offense is what separates him. Givens has the ability to play both on and off of the ball, but he’s best making plays for himself and his teammates with the ball in his hands. He is very effective shooting off of the catch and the dribble and that really opens up the rest of his game. He has also shown a really good ability to utilize ball screens to get into the paint.”

Main Programs Involved: Indiana, Georgia Tech, LSU, Memphis, Texas, UConn, and Villanova

Caleb Williams: (6-7; Small Forward)

Team: Team Takeover 17U

Year: 2024

Points: 6.1

Rebounds: 2.6

Assists: 1.8

FG %: 35.6% (36-of-101)

3FG %: 25.0% (7-of-28)

Scouting Notes: “At 6-foot-7 weighing around 215 pounds, Williams is a big wing that has terrific shot-making and shot-creating ability both on and off the ball. His ability to knock down shots is what seemed to have drawn Mike Woodson and Indiana basketball to recruit him as the Indiana head coach looks to add more players that can score, especially around the wing. While he may only be rated as three-star player in most recruiting sites, he has seen a steady rise in his recruitment ever since leading Team Takeover to the EYBL Peach Jam Title last summer. He is name to keep an eye as far as who Indiana is recruiting this offseason.”

Main Programs Involved: Indiana, Michigan, Villanova, Miami, Georgetown, Miami (FL), and Virginia 

Tyler Betsey: (6-7; Small Forward)

Team: NY Renaissance 17u

Year: 2024

Points: 11.6

Rebounds: 2.8

Assists: 1.3

FG %: 39.0% (60-of-154)

3FG %: 35.1% (40-of-114)

Scouting Notes: “Betsey comes into this AAU season as arguably the biggest stock-riser in the entire 2024 class. The reason in such the rise in a lot of the 2024 rankings is because of the improvements he has made both as a defender and ability to create his own shot. At his position, he has the elite combination of size and length which makes him a very hard player to defend especially once he finds his rhythm in a game. As Mike Woodson and Indiana look to improve at the wing each year, Betsey is a great option when recruiting that area. With a wide-open recruitment as of right now, expect Mike Woodson and Indiana basketball to be active here. He is currently on his Indiana visit now.”

Main Programs Involved: Indiana, Iowa, Duke, Syracuse, Pittsburgh, Rutgers, Rhode Island, Nebraska, Providence, UCONN, Seton Hall, Xavier, Notre Dame, Alabama, Michigan State, Memphis, LSU, St. John’s, and others

Dylan Harper: (6-foot-4; Combo Guard)

Team: New York Lightening 17U

Year: 2024

Points: 18.9

Rebounds: 7.1

Assists: 5.3

FG %: 50.4% (113-of-224)

3FG %: 33.3%  (24-of-72)

Scouting Notes: “Dylan Harper is a 6-foot-4 combo guard with a terrific blend of size, skill and feel for the game,” said 247Sports Basketball Analyst Travis Branham. “The southpaw doesn’t boast the most outstanding length or the most explosive athleticism but he is highly functional with his changes of speed, direction, his body control and his instincts on how to create separation and get to his spots. On the offensive end, Harper does a great job of balancing his scoring and his facilitating who takes what the defense gives him, playing the “right way” but will impose his will as a scorer when necessary. As a scorer, he can create space and make shots from mid-range and from three but his biggest strong suit is his ability to finish with touch and finesse at the rim. Aside from scoring and playmaking, Harper also impacts the game as a positional rebounder and a versatile defender. Given his consistent impact and production on both ends of the floor and factoring in his premier pedigree, Harper makes for arguably the best player in his class and a future first-round pick.” 

Main Programs Involved: Indiana, Duke, Rutgers, Kansas, and Auburn

Patrick Ngongba: (6-foot-10: Center)

Team: Team Takeover 17u

Year: 2024

Points: 12.7

Rebounds: 7.8

Assists: 1.4

FG %: 70.3% (78-of-111)

3FG %: 66.7% (8-of-12)

Scouting Notes: “Patrick Ngongba plays for one of the top high school basketball teams in the country in Fairfax (Va.) Paul VI Catholic,” said 247Sports national analyst Brandon Jenkins earlier this spring. “Surrounded by high-major talent, Ngongba provides them with a potentially elite target on the inside. At 6-foot-10 with a wider frame, Ngongba has a polished back-to-the-basket game and owns great touch around the rim. He is skilled and his moves down low are very instinctual. While he may not post insane numbers on the high school ranks, he could project as a notable name in the college game.”

Main Programs Involved: Indiana, Kansas State, Virginia, Syracuse, Maryland, Iowa, Georgetown, Providence, Notre Dame George Mason, and others

Marcus Allen: (6-foot-6; Wing)

Team: Florida Rebels 17U

Year: 2024

Points: 10.4

Rebounds: 4.5

Assists: 2.0

FG %: 48.1% (50-of-104)

3FG %: 18.2% (2-of-11)

Scouting Notes: “Marcus Allen is a 6-foot-6 wing who plays for AZ Compass Prep and then Florida Rebels on the Nike EYBL Circuit. Allen is known for his defensive ability and athleticism. He’s still a bit raw offensively, but the pieces are all there. He knows what matters most, however. And that’s doing whatever it takes to win.”

Main Programs Involved: Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, Arkansas, Miami, Florida State, Oregon, Ohio State, Texas A&M, Villanova, Arizona State and others.

Austin Swartz: (6-foot-4; Shooting Guard)

Team: Boo Williams 17U

Year: 2024

Points: 21.0

Rebounds: 3.4

Assists: 1.7

FG %: 44.3% (129-of-291)

3FG %: 37.2% (51-of-137)

Scouting Notes: “The best asset Austin Swartz brings to the floor is his shooting ability. He’s a true knockdown shooter. His ability to use screens off the ball to create space and get open is terrific. Swartz has NBA-type range from the perimeter and can knock shots down off of the dribble or catch. He’s not overly quick but has also shown the ability to get the defender on his hip and create separation for a 15-footer. Swartz can get in the paint and finish at the rim, but his shooting ability sticks out immediately.”

Main Programs Involved: Indiana, Clemson, Houston, Illinois, Georgia, Virginia Tech, South Carolina, and others 


Jalen Haralson: (6-7; Point Guard)

Team: Indy Heat 17U

Year: 2025

Points: 11.3

Rebounds: 4.8

Assists: 4.1

FG %: 47.9% (34-of-71)

3FG %: 41.7% (5-of-12)

Scouting Notes: When it comes to the 2025 class and who Indiana basketball is targeting, arguably the number one prospect on that list is 6-7 point guard Jalen Haralson out of Fishers, Indiana. Haralson is one of the more special players to come out of the state of Indiana in a long time. He is terrific with the ball in his hands and and his ability to finish at the rim is fantastic. He has the elite combination of quickness, strength, and athleticism that makes him extremely difficult to defend at any position. Haralson, along with Trent Sisley, has been a priority target for Mike Woodson ever since he came into high school. Haralson is one of the top players nationally in the 2025 class.”

Main Programs Involved: Indiana, Purdue, Wisconsin, Notre Dame, Michigan, Ohio State, Michigan State, Iowa, Florida State, Auburn, Missouri, Maryland, and others

Trent Sisley: (6-7; Power Forward)

Team: Indy Heat 17U

Year: 2025

Points: 13.4

Rebounds: 7.5

Assists: 1.1

FG %: 58.0% (91-of-157)

3FG %: 44.7% (21-of-47)

Scouting Notes: Speaking of Trent Sisley, this is another prospect that is high on the target list for Mike Woodson and this Indiana basketball staff. At 6’7, Sisley is an extremely versatile power forward that can play both the wing and post very consistently. He is very good about knocking down the outside jumper while also having the ability to take his defender off the dribble and score through contact. This past high school season, Sisley proved to be one of the top scorers in the state which should translate into this AAU season. With Mike Woodson and the Indiana basketball staff looking to bring in more versatile power forwards who can stretch the floor and provide multiple options in the post as well, Sisley is someone that can fill that roll.”

Main Programs Involved: Indiana, Purdue, Iowa, Michigan State, Notre Dame, Northwestern, Wisconsin, Ohio State, and others 

Trey McKenney: (6-5; Shooting Guard)

Team: The Family 17U

Year: 2025

Points: 19.9

Rebounds: 8.2

Assists: 2.7

FG %: 43.2% (63-of-146)

3FG %: 34.9% (15-of-43)

Scouting Notes: “McKenney is a 6’5 shooting guard that is so physical and is not afraid to play through contact to get a chance to finish in the paint. While he is not the quickest player on the floor, he loves to use his strong, big frame to get past his defender and be such a load to handle once he is out in transition. He is real aggressive on the defensive end and is a very good on-ball defender. Jumper still needs some work as far as consistency, but as far as physicality, McKenney is one of the more advanced in this class. He has already been on Indiana’s campus so he will likely still be a high target for Mike Woodson and the Indiana basketball staff.”

Main Programs Involved: Indiana, Michigan, Michigan State, LSU, Miami (FL), Stanford, Oregon, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas State, Missouri, Alabama, and others 

EJ Walker: (6-7; Small Forward)

Team: Brad Beal Elite 16U

Year: 2025

Points: 8.0

Rebounds: 3.9

Assists: 1.1

FG %: 52.2% (24-of-46)

3FG %: 20.0% (3-of-15)

Scouting Notes: “Walker is already one of the more sought after 2025s in the nation currently. At 6’7, Walker has the ability to play both the wing and post at a high level due to his skill and overall long size. His ballhandling skills are also really impressive when you look at his long arms as he can play more of a “point-forward” role if the offense calls for it. His versatility to play face up or his back to the basket is also one of the area that makes him standout. While there are still questions on what position is he is comfortable guarding, there is a ton of potential of what Walker could become at the next level.”

Main Programs Involved: Indiana, Louisville, Purdue, Ohio State, Xavier, Missouri, Virginia,  Minnesota, and others

Kiyan Anthony: (6-foot-4; Wing)

Team: Team Melo 16U

Year: 2025

Points: 15.9

Rebounds: 3.9

Assists: 2.4

FG %:40.4% (78-of-193)

3FG %: 30.9% (30-of-97)

Scouting Notes: “Anthony is a very good scorer. He has a great ability to create on the wing and finish from 15-feet and out. Anthony has tremendous length on the perimeter. His playmaking is getting better and better.” 

Main Programs Involved: Indiana, Syracuse, Seton Hall, Providence, Tennessee, UMass, George Mason and others

Kellen Pickett: (6-8; Power Forward)

Team: Indy Heat 16U

Year: 2025

Points: 9.9

Rebounds: 4.4

Assists: 0.4

FG %: 45.6% (36-of-79)

3FG %: 37.5% (15-of-40)

Scouting Notes: “Kellen Pickett has slowly became one of the bigger stock-risers in the state of Indiana when it comes to the 2025 class. He is coming into this AAU season after helping lead Fort Wayne Blackhawk Christian to the Class 2A State Championship, who is also coached by former Indiana guard Matt Roth. At 6-8, Pickett is a very versatile power forward that has one of the highest motors out of the players listed here. He attacks the rim very aggressively whether that be to score or rebound. Defensively, he has the length and quickness to guard both post and perimeter.”

Main Programs Involved: Indiana, UCF, and others

Meleek Thomas: (6-3; Shooting Guard)

Team: NH Lightening 17U

Year: 2025

Points: 13.5

Rebounds: 4.6

Assists: 2.2

FG %: 48.9% (90-of-184)

3FG %: 36.5% (23-of-63)

Scouting Notes: “According to a lot of rankings, 6-3 shooting guard Meleek Thomas might be the highest rated player when it comes to the 2025 target list for Indiana basketball. Thomas is a long guard that gets to his spots so well on the floor while also being an extremely talented scorer. Both on and off the ball, he is a true playmaker whether that be for himself or for his teammates. He typically has played the role as the guy you go to when you need a bucket. He is easily at his best when he has the chance to make a play at the rim. He is the type of playmaking guard that would excel in Mike Woodson’s system.”

Main Programs Involved: Indiana, Xavier, Villanova, Pittsburgh, Kansas State, Michigan, and others

Caleb Wilson: (6-7; Power Forward)

Team: Georgia Stars 17U

Year: 2025

Points: 14.8

Rebounds: 8.3

Assists: 3.1

FG %: 38.7% (91-of-235)

3FG %: 17.5% (10-of-57)

Scouting Notes:“Right away, you immediately notice his size at 6-foot-7 and his elite athletic ability paired with it. As far as his overall skill, he is easily one of the more skilled and versatile forwards out of the 2025 class in my opinion. He is a bigger forward that has a real solid jumper, can create his own look, and protect the rim on the defensive end. He does his scoring when he is more on the ball than off as he has not really developed consistent enough play when he is playing off the ball whether that be around the wing or in the post. Another area of his game that I would like to see improve is his motor as it was obviously clear at times his frustrations if a play did not go his way. As far as skill and athleticism is conferenced, Wilson is a high upside prospect that would come in and fit Mike Woodson’s vision of a playmaking forward. His Indiana recruitment is one to keep a close eye on.”

Main Programs Involved: Indiana, North Carolina, Stanford, Alabama, Cincinnati, Georgia, Missouri, Xavier, and others

Jacob Wilkins: (6-foot-7; Small Forward)

Team: The Skill Factory 16U

Year: 2025

Points: 6.1

Rebounds: 4.0

Assists: 0.7

FG %: 31.1% (14-of-45)

3FG %: 13.6% (3-of-22)

Scouting Notes: “Indiana basketball was one of the first schools to go after this high rising small forward. At 6-foot-7, Wilkins is a true three-level scorer that can play above the rim. Being the son of NBA Hall of Famer Dominique Wilkins, he already has knowledge of what it takes to be a great basketball player. His game is similar to New Orleans Pelicans wing Brandon Ingram with his handles and ability to take a defender off the dribble.” 

Main Programs Involved: Indiana, Alabama, Georgia, and others 

Jasper Johnson: (6-4; Point Guard)

Team: Team Thad 17U

Year: 2025

Points: 12.3

Rebounds: 3.2

Assists: 2.5

FG %: 51.0% 80-of-157

3FG %: 40.3% 27-of-67

Scouting Notes: “As far as stock-risers in the 2025 class, Jasper Johnson is quickly becoming one of them. Johnson is an incredibly long, crafty lead guard that can really get hot from deep range if given the opportunity to do so. When he is on the ball, he is really crafty through the lane using a host of different moves to get past a defender and finishing at the rim. On the defensive end, his long length help him be a force on that end. While there is not an official offer from the Hoosiers yet, he is player on their radar as they continue to look for long, playmaking guards that can be stoppers on the defensive end.”

Main Programs Involved: Indiana, Kentucky, Louisville, West Virginia, Alabama, Ohio State, Xavier, Texas A&M, Arkansas, Memphis, Xavier, Cincinnati, and others


Tyran Stokes: (6-foot-7: Power Forward)

Team: Vegas Elite 17U

Year: 2026

Points: 12.9

Rebounds: 5.5

Assists: 3.0

FG %: 57.5% 46-of-80

3FG %: 30.8% 4-of-13

Scouting Notes: “The 6-foot-7 power forward may be the youngest player on this list (2026), but he has been one of the bigger stock risers this AAU season. He is an explosive, athletic player that is most dangerous when he is attacking. He makes a big impact on the boards and is one of the more efficient scoring bigs on Indiana basketball’s target list.”

Main Programs Involved: Indiana, Texas, LSU, Texas A&M, Alabama, Louisville, Xavier, and others

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