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HoosierIllustrated Live Blog: Final – Penn State 33, Indiana football 24



Indiana football at Penn State

Indiana football gets back on the road for week nine of the season with a trip tp Beaver Stadium to face No. 10 Penn State.

The Hoosiers will be looking to get their first win in the Big Ten this season as they currently sit just 0-4 in conference play this season. The Hoosiers will also be looking to bounce back after yet another loss on the year with last week’s defeat from Rutgers, 31-14.

The game will be televised on CBS with a noon kick time.

Below is the full live blog

Pregame Notes

OUT: DB Jamier Johnson , LB Kaiden Turner, DB Noah Pierre

QUESTIONABLE: WR Cam Camper, WR EJ Williams, OL Max Longman, DB Phillip Dunnam

Camper, Williams and Dunnam are warming up.

First Quarter

Indiana football will receive the ball first. Touchback and Indiana starts with ball on the IU-25.

Hoosiers would go three-and-out to start the game. James Evan would put it out 53 yards. Penn State ball on PSU-27.

Penn State would get the first, first down of the game with a Theo Johnson completed pass to Nicholas Singleton for 5 yards.

Hoosiers would force a fourth down and Penn State would punt it out. Camden Jordan would call for a fair catch on the IU-8. Camden Jordan catching punts instead of Jaylin Lucas. No real surprise there as they made the switch last week.

Indiana would once again go three-and-out. Hoosiers had two penalties in that series.

Indiana’s defense would force a Penn State three-and-out. Nic Toomer would break up a Harrison Wallace catch attempt. Wallace would stay injured on the field but would walk off.

Camden Jordan with a fair catch on the IU10.

Brendan Sorsby would find Dequece Carter for a 90-yard TD. Big breakout play for Indiana.

Hoosiers lead 7-0 with 7:37 in Q1.

Hoosiers would force another rPenn State punt however Jordan would muff the catch and Penn State would recover. Just another self-inflicted mistake.

Penn State would eventually tie it up with a very wide open Khalil Dinkins. 7-7 with 1:37 left.

Indiana would go three-and-out next drive.

End Q1: Indiana 7, Penn State 7

Second Quarter

Penn Starts at the PSU31.

Indiana football’s defense would force another punt.

Jaylin Lucas would replace Camden Jordan as punt catcher. Fair catch on the IU31.

Another Penn State defensive collapse leads to another huge TD for Indiana. Sorsby would find WR Donaven McCulley for a 69 yard TD.

Hoosiers lead No. 10 Penn State 14-7 with 13:18 left in Q2.

Tom Allen would call a timeout after a Penn State TD. Penn State is on the IU33.

Indiana would hold Penn State to a FG attempt and it was no good. Indiana ball back as they lead 14-7 with 10:16 left in Q2.

There would be a bad snap on 4th down but somehow Sorsby would find Omar Cooper for a 11 yard gain. It was originally called a a first down, however it was shown that Cooper’s elbow was down. Turnover on downs.

There would be a huge offensive pass interference called on Penn State that would back them up to but Allar would find Singleton to get in the Indiana red zone.

Penn State would eventually tie it up with a Nicholas Singleton 2-yard rush.

14-14 with 2:09 left.

In the second play of the series Sorsby would slide and get hit late by the Penn State defense. Added 15 more yards to the drive.

Sorsby would throw an interception and Penn State would take it to the IU40. Real awkward throw from Sorsby there. Not a smart play at all.

At 3rd-and-4 with 22seconds left, Indiana would call a timeout. A huge intentional grounding would be called on Drew Allar which would back Penn State up to the IU32.

Penn State would convert the FG.

Halftime: Penn State 17, Indiana 14. 

Third Quarter

Penn State ball on the PSU25.

Penn State would start to really chop up the Indiana football defense.

Penn State would eventually march it down for a 16-yard TD pass from Allar to TE Theo Johnson.

Penn State leads 24-14 with 8:39 to play in Q3.

Indiana would drive down and get their first trip to the red zone.

Sorry would take a big sack on 3rd down and Indiana would kick the FG. The attempt was way off thus no good. Penn State still leads 24-14 with 2:09 left.

Indiana would force a Penn State three-and-out. They would punt and Indiana would get it at the IU20.

Indiana would get a first down and the 3Q would end.

End Q3: Penn State 24, Indiana football 14. 

Fourth Quarter

Indiana would drive all the way down and score a TD to cut the lead down to 24-21 with 10:54 left. Sorsby found Omar Cooper Jr. for a 26-yard TD.

Sorsby is shown in a lot of pain on the sidelines. Showing pain in his throwing shoulder too. Tayven Jackson is warming up as well.

Sorsby went to the tent but emerged out and started throwing again.

Penn State would punt and IU would get the ball at the IU25.

7:46 left. Indiana down by 3. Indiana has the ball. Indiana has a chance here.

Indiana would get stuffed on 3rd down. Indiana would chose the punt. James Evans would punt it 59 yards. Penn State football at the PSU12.

Interception from Indiana’s Josh Sanguinetti at the PSU 20. Indiana has a real chance here to play spoiler.

Indiana would go very conservative there and attempt the FG. The FG was good.

Indiana ties it at 24 with 2:58 left. All three timeouts left. Penn State ball.

Indiana would do another pooch kick and Penn State would be called for holding.

Penn State would score on a 57 yard bomb from Drew Allar to KeAndre Lambert-Smith. Penn State leads 31-24 with 1:46 left.

1:46 left with all three timeouts. Indiana has a chance to tie it up but going to need a perfect drive here.

Things would collapse for Indiana. Sorsby would fumble the ball and the ball would roll out to back of end zone. Safety.

Penn State 33-24 with 1:33 left.

Penn State would go onto win 33-24. Just a tough loss for the Hoosiers. Really fought that game. Hoosiers fall to 2-6.

Box Score + Extended Box Score




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