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Indiana Basketball: AAU Live Period I – Live blog



The first live session of the AAU season arrives this weekend, with a large emphasis from the Indiana basketball program put on the Nike EYBL circuit. (Nike EYBL / Twitter)

The AAU season is back and so is the first live period of the season and the Indiana basketball staff is on the road.

Major events this weekend include Nike EYBL in Atlanta, GA, Adidas 3SSB in Council Bluffs, IA and Under Armor in Mesa, AZ.

The expectation is that Indiana basketball assistant coaches Kenya Hunter, Yasir Rosemond and Brian Walsh will all be on the road. Team and Recruiting Coordinator Jordan Hulls is expected to take head coach Mike Woodson’s spot on the road as he recovers from knee surgery.

The expectation is that Kenya Hunter and Yasir Rosemond will spend most of their weekend at EYBL while Brian Walsh and Jordan Hulls will be at 3SSB. will be spending most of its weekend focused on Indiana targets playing on the EYBL circuit.

Some key EYBL prospects include: 2024s Liam McNeeley (Florida Rebels), Dylan Harper (NY Rens), Tyler Betsey (NY Rens), Caleb Williams (Team Takeover), Jaeden Mustaf (Boo Williams) and 2025s Jalen Haralson (Indy Heat), Trent Sisley (Indy Heat), Jasper Johnson (Team Thad), Meleek Thomas (NH Lightning), Trey McKenney (Meanstreets) and others.

Key Indiana targets in 3SSB include: 2024s Flory Bidunga (Indiana Elite), Travis Perry (Indiana Elite), VJ Edgecombe (SE Elite), Rakease Passmore (Garner Road) and 2025s Malachi Moreno (Indiana Elite), Mikel Brown (SE Elite) and others.

Games for EYBL begin later this afternoon.

Below are live updates of some of the key games and notable Indiana basketball targets.


9:30 am – 17U Georgia Stars (2025 Caleb Wilson) vs MoKan Elite

Getting another look at 2025 forward Caleb Wilson for GA Stars. He’s been very good this weekend. Indiana assistant coach Yasir Rosemond here to start.

Both Kenya Hunter and Yasir Rosemond here at the end of the first half.

Wilson has been very aggressive looking for his shot in this one, but hasn’t been super efficient. Just 3-of-9 at the half. He’s been living at the free throw line this weekend though. His length, motor and frame allow him to draw many fouls both in the paint and on the wing.

Wilson showing some ability to stretch the floor in this one. Had shown the ability to hit 17-footers this weekend but today it’s stretched to the three-point line. He has three 3s in this one.

Wilson finished with 21 points on 6-of-19 from the floor and six rebounds.

Final: MoKan Elite 61, Georgia Stars 58.

9:30 am – 17U NY Rens (Dylan Harper, Tyler Betsey) vs NW Rotary Rebels

Indiana assistant Kenya Hunter here to start. Indiana probably more focused on Tyler Betsey at this stage as Harper is a much stronger Duke and Rutgers lean. Betsey is a 6-foot-7 wing who is a very good shooter.

NY Rens running all over the place in this one. Up 38-9. Betsey with three 3s to start this one. Really nice stroke. Has been pretty open on a few of them. Has good size and length to shoot over defenders, however.

Betsey finished with 17 points on 5-of-10 from the floor, with four 3s.

Final: NY Rens 104, Rotary Rebels 65.

11:00 am – 17U Vegas Elite (2026 Tyran Stokes) vs ProSkills

First look at 2026 forward Tyran Stokes this weekend. He’s playing up two age groups and averaging 15.0 points, 6.7 rebounds and 3.3 assists per game. He’s shooting 70.8 percent through three games.

Indiana is involved early with Stokes.

Stokes is a very physical forward but also very skilled. He has a great frame for his age and has good muscle to him as well. He’s a big wing who can play both on the perimeter and inside the paint. He’s only attempted four 3s this weekend, so he’s not a major threat from three. But, he has the ability to take players off of the dribble.

Indiana assistant coaches Kenya Hunter and Yasir Rosemond are here midway through the third quarter.

Stokes up to a double-double midway through the fourth quarter. His toughness and strength on both ends of the floor continue to stand out. Remainder, he’s a class of 2026 prospect playing up in the class of 2024 division.

Stokes finishes with 14 points on 5-of-11 from the field, 11 rebounds and five assists.

Final: Vegas Elite 78, ProSkills 66.

12:30 pm – 17U Meanstreets (2025 Trey McKenney) vs Florida Rebels (Liam McNeeley)

Indiana assistant Yasir Rosemond here to start.

Trey McKenney is such a physical guard. At 6-foot-4 and bulky, he’s so difficult once he gets into the paint. Early here, it’s his shot that’s working. Two early 3s. Drains a third and has 11 of the first 20 points for Meanstreets. McKenney up to 15 points midway through the third quarter. He’s been phenomenal at getting to his spots on the floor and finishing above defenders.

McNeeley hasn’t had the best shooting game(s) the last two times out but he got into a bit of a groove late in the first half. He’s played a nice overall floor game though. McNeeley doing a great job getting into the lane and getting to the foul line for some easy points. Continues to play at such a good pace. Two 3s in the third quarter for McNeeley. He has such a nice stroke. Can hit off of the dribble or catch. Very efficient from three.

McKenney had 20 points on 6-of-8 from the field. McNeeley finished with 14 points on 4-of-14 shooting, seven rebounds and three assists.

Final: Meanstreets 77, FL Rebels 67.

2:00 pm – 17U Boo Williams (Jaeden Mustaf, Austin Swartz) vs Team Melo

Next up is a phenomenal backcourt duo of Jaeden Mustaf and Austin Swartz. Mustaf is planning an IU visit in June.

Indiana extended an offer to Swartz on Saturday night. He is averaging 24.3 points per game in three games this weekend.

It doesn’t appear Mustaf is playing today. He’s been banged up a few times this weekend.

Swartz gets things started with two 3s right away. Up to three 3s and 11 points but without Mustaf in the backcourt, Swartz is doing a lot of the ball handling. He has that ability but much better off of the ball coming around screens looking for his shot.

Swartz struggling today as the defense was all over him from start to finish, plus the additional ball handling and point guard he had to play with no Mustaf.

He finished with 14 points on 5-of-14 from the field and four 3s.

Final: Team Melo 65, Boo Williams 39.


8:00 am – Team Takeover 17u (Caleb Williams) vs Florida Rebels 17u (Liam McNeeley)

First up we have a pair of Indiana targets squaring off with one another with forward Caleb Williams of Team Takeover taking on forward Liam McNeeley of Florida Rebels. Williams would actually come off the bench for Team Takeover and McNeeley would start for Florida Rebels to no surprise. Both Indiana assistants Yasir Rosemond and Kenya Hunter were watching.

McNeeley would also start off mostly off the ball but would get fouled. His first two points came at the line. He would then knock down a corner three that looked so pure and smooth. Williams would check in at the 4:29 mark of the 1Q. Instantly provided size for Team Takeover. His first points would come from a put-back off an offensive rebound.

Both Williams and McNeeley would check out early in the 2Q. Before checking out, McNeeley would have a nice drive and kick out to the open shooter when would the convert. When it comes to driving lanes, McNeeley is on of the best prospects out there at doing that because he will either finish, get fouled, or find his open teammates.

Once Williams and McNeeley checked back in at around the 3:00 minute mark in the 2Q, they would both start to guard one another. At the half, McNeeley was up to 5 points on 1-of-3 shooting while Williams only has 2 points on 1-of-4 shooting. Not the best half for either guy. Team Takeover led 34-32.

The second half would start with a sharp pass from McNeeley from the wing to the open man under the basket for the easy conversion. It would not take long for Williams to check in after that. Williams would have a nice drive past McNeeley towards the end of the 3Q. His jumper was not looking very good throughout the game at this point so it was nice to see him switch it up and play more around the rim. Rebels would bounce the lead out to 52-41 heading into the 4Q.

At around the 5:20 mark, Rebels would have a 61-46 lead. McNeeley would get up to 10 points at the 4:00 mark off of a nice floater. By this point, you could tell these kids were playing in the 8:00 am game because they looked exhausted. It could have been because of the early morning game, but it was not overall the best offensive performances by both guys. McNeeley missed a few easy ones that he would normally make and Williams just took very poor jumpers.

McNeeley finished with 10 points on 3-of-8 shooting, 4 rebounds, 3 assists while Williams ended with 6 points on 3-of-10 shooting, 3 rebounds, and 1 assist.

Final: Florida Rebels 75, Team Takeover 68 

9:30 am – Indy Heat (2025s Jalen Haralson, Trent Sisley) vs Mokan Elite

Up next, we are taking a look at arguably the two top 2025 targets for Mike Woodson and Indiana with guard Jalen Haralson and forward Trent Sisley. Both 2025s will be looking to bounce back after having  a couple rough performances last night. They also play with 2024 Purdue signee Kanon Catchings, who looked outstanding last night.

Sisley and Haralson would overall have nice starts. Sisley would get a steal and then a transition slam while Haralson would have a couple of nice assists. You could tell early that the gameplay for Mokan was to not let Haralson attack. You could also tell that both of the 2025s looked much more matured especially when it came to the weight they had out on.

The 2Q would start off with an ally-oop from Catchings to Sisley. Indy Heat took the lead 18-16 with that. Haralson had yet to take a shot at this point. Haralson would finally attempt his first shot at the 3:39 mark. He would get fouled and go 2-of-2 at the line. Sisley was doing such a great job when he would get a touch. Had a great baseline drive and finished so easy around the rim. Indy Heat needed to give him more touches and Haralson needs to be more aggressive at trying to get his.

Mokan led 37-30 at the half. Sisley had 6 points on 3-of-5 shooting while Haralson had just 2 points from hitting his free throws.

Sisley would actually not start the second half and would come off the bench. Haralson started off much more aggressive. The 6’8 guard was attacking and drawing contact, which was what Indy Heat needed from him. Sisley would finally check in at around the 3:45 mark. He would then get fouled, but would miss the front end of a 1-and-1. Mokan led 47-44 with 2:58 left in the 3Q.

Sisley would then have a beautiful step-back three to get him up to 10 points. Haralson was scoring all his points at the line and was 7-of-7 from there. Mokan led 52-49 heading into the 4Q.

Sisley would score the first two buckets of the 4Q to give Indy Heat the lead. He was playing so much better than yesterday. Tied at 57 with 3:51 to go, Haralson would get fouled again not he shot attempt where he would go 2-of-2 at the line to give Indy Heat the the lead.

Indy Heat would go onto win 71-62. Haralson went outstanding 14-of-14 from the free throw line and ended up with 16 total points and added 7 assists. Sisley ended up with a total of 14 points. This was a major bounce back game form both 2025s. When they are aggressive there are hardly any better players on the floor. Really special players.

9:30 am – 17U Boo Williams (Jaeden Mustaf) vs NH Lightning (2025 Meleek Thomas)

The two big names in this one from an Indiana perspective is 2024 four-star guard Jaeden Mustaf and 2025 five-star guard Meleek Thomas. But, someone to keep an eye on is 2024 wing Austin Swartz. He had 29 points on 12-of-17 from the field on Friday night. He plays alongside Mustaf for Boo Williams.

This is a terrific guard matchup at almost every spot on the floor. Add in UNC commit Elliot Cadeau and Auburn commit Tahaad Pettiford for NH Lightning as well. Loaded group of talented guards.

Mustaf is so physical on the drive but the length of Meleek Thomas and quickness of Pettiford are making things difficult for him to get easy looks. Mustaf is doing a tremendous job drawing fouls. Has been to the line six times midway through he second quarter. His frame and strength really showing in this one. Mustaf was phenomenal all morning getting to his spots on the floor. Was able to use his strength to get into the paint and ended up getting to the foul line 15 times. Terrific offensive performance from Mustaf.

Thomas hit another NBA-range three in the first quarter. His ability to score at all three levels at ease is extremely advanced for his age. Thomas has such a good ability to play both on and off of the ball. He can create off of the dribble but has shown a very good ability to shoot off of the catch. He struggled with his shot towards the end of this one, but made some really nice overall plays throughout the game.

Swartz has been terrific shooting the ball. His range stretches out beyond the three point line and he has a very good release. He has hit a few 3s off of the dribble as well as coming off screens. He’s shown some good ability to attack off of the dribble and get into the paint, but his shooting sticks out immediately.

Mustaf finishes with 30 points on 9-of-14 from the field and 12-of-15 from the free throw line. Thomas had 13 points on 6-of-11 from the field and five rebounds. Austin Swartz continued his terrific weekend, scoring 26 points on 10-of-19 from the floor, with five 3s.

Indiana assistant Yasir Rosemond was here for some of the game.

Final: NH Lightning 84, Boo Williams 76.

Important Note: Jaeden Mustaf tells HoosierIllustrated he’s eyeing a June visit to Indiana. A date isn’t set in stone yet, however.

9:30 am – 17U NY Rens (Dylan Harper, Tyler Betsey) vs Team Thad (2025 Jasper Johnson)

While 2024 five-star guard Dylan Harper headlines this game, 2025 guard Jasper Johnson is very intriguing. He’s visited Indiana twice already and someone clearly on the Indiana recruiting board. Indiana assistant coach Yasir Rosemond was court side to watch Harper, Betsey, and Johnson.

Johnson is extremely long and lanky. Already 6-foot-3, his wingspan makes him much bigger. He has such a good pace to his game and has done a terrific job create easy opportunities for himself in the paint. Most of his looks are coming 15-feet and in. He’s had a few nice floaters around the rim as well.

Johnson finished with 14 points on 6-of-10 from the floor. Harper had 17 points on 7-of-11 from the field and Betsey had eight points on 3-of-8 from the floor.

Final: Team Thad 69, NY Rens 68.

11:00 am – 17U Meanstreets (Trey McKenney) vs Team WhyNot

Joining into this game at halftime. There was a major delay right before the half due to some kind of leak from under the court but looks like they have things cleared up. McKenney has 6 points at the half and Meanstreets lead 43-20.

For his position as a shooting guard, McKenney has so much mass and natural strength. He is always such a willing defender and he is making a ton of hustle plays on that end. Meanstreets was up 56-39 at the end of 3Q. McKenney only took one shot that quarter and missed.

McKenney would get a couple more tough buckets in the 4Q to get to double-figures. While offense is still not his strongest suit yet, he is a capable scorer especially in the lane. Defense is where he really makes his money as he really buys into that area of the game. He can guard the 1-3 very consistently.

He finished with 10 points on 5-of-9 shooting. He added two rebounds as well.

Final: Meanstreets 70, Team WhyNot 63

3:30 pm – 17U All-Ohio (Jonathan Powell) vs ProSkills

2024 guard Jonathan Powell is someone on the Indiana radar and has visited. He was teammates at Centerville (Oh.) this season with IU signee Gabe Cupps. Powell is a lanky and athletic wing who is best known for his shooting ability. He opens up his scoring midway though the first quarter with a wing three. Powell hits another three but it’s called off due to an offensive foul from his teammate off the ball. His release is a bit slower than you’d like but at his size of 6-foot-6, he has a pretty high release which helps.

Powell has had a very productive fourth quarter and some big time buckets while ProSkills is mounting a comeback.

Powell finished with 11 points on 3-of-8 shooting — all 3s.

Final: All Ohio 82, ProSkills 80.

3:30 pm – 17U Georgia Stars (2025 Caleb Wilson) vs NH Lightning (2025 Meleek Thomas)

Getting another look at 2025 forward Caleb Wilson as well as 2025 guard Meleek Thomas. Both players have had a good first two games this weekend.

Wilson just exploded through the defense and elevated over a defender but was fouled at the rim. That was terrific bust and leaping ability. He’s really showing a bit more of his perimeter and slashing ability this weekend. Wilson is such a mashup problem. He’s too quick for a traditional ‘power forward’ and he’s versatile and strong enough to take advantage of a smaller defender on him.

NH Lightning running away in the third quarter — up 24 now. Their backcourt is just way too good. Meleek Thomas bringing a lot of energy and flying all over the court in this one. His motor is really good. Again, an efficient game thus far for him. Has shown some additional ability in the mid-range.

Most of the fourth quarter, the main players for both sides sat out due to the lead for NH Lightning.

Thomas had 13 points on 6-of-10 from the field and Wilson had 17 points on 6-of-14 from the field and five rebounds.

Final: NH Lightning 97, Georgia Stars 72.

5:00 pm – 17U Team Takeover (Caleb Williams) vs Team WhyNot

Indiana assistant coach Kenya Hunter courtside. Williams struggled earlier this morning but had a phenomenal summer last year and a very good season this year at Sidwell Friends (DC). Williams hits his first two shots of the game. He’s best when he’s attacking the basket and getting into the mid-range area. He’s a very crafty shot creator.

Williams has done a tremendous job at getting his defender on his hip and turning the corner. He’s not going to blow by defenders, but he has the frame and craftiness to create that separation and finish at the rim or in the mid-range. He’s hit one three so far.

Indiana assistant coach Yasir Rosemond now joins Kenya Hunter courtside after the half.

Williams had a terrific floor game. Finished with 12 points on 5-of-9 from the field, including two 3s. Also had four rebounds and three assists.

Final: Team Takeover 71, Team WhyNot 56.

5:00 pm – 16U The Skill Factory (Jacob Wilkins) vs Team Durant

2025 forward Jacob Wilkins is the son of NBA great Dominique Wilkins and currently on the Indiana radar. Jacob is about 6-foot-8 and extremely long and lanky. Not a ton of muscle on him at this stage, but the athletic ability and size is there. Much better attacking the rim but he’s becoming better from the perimeter.

Not the best shooting day for Wilkins. Currently 0-of-7 from three.

Wilkins finished with 14 points on 5-of-16 from the floor.

Final: Team Durant 77, The Skill Factory 59.

Friday Afternoon/Night

4:00 pm – 17U Georgia Stars (Caleb Wilson) vs The Skills Factory

First up is 2025 forward Caleb Wilson. Wilson is playing up with the 17U Georgia Stars. Indiana assistant coach Yasir Rosemond is currently watching Wilson. Wilson is extremely talented — a 6-foot-8 forward with good length and athleticism. Can create off of the dribble or play in the post. Really skilled for his position.

Midway through the second quarter, Wilson is up to nine points on 2-of-4 from the field, two rebounds, one assist and one block. He has hit one three and is also 4-of-4 from the free throw line. To show his versatility, he just skied over a defender for a defensive rebound, took three dribbles and had a terrific half court pass over the defense to his teammate leading to a foul.

Wilson had 11 points on 3-of-5 shooting with three rebounds and two assists at the half. TSF up four, 35-31.

Wilson’s ability to step out to the perimeter and 17-20 footers is very intriguing. He has one three and two other near 3s where his foot was on the line. One was a step-back and the other was off of the catch.

Once again, Wilson grabs a defensive rebound and gives a great pass with tremendous touch over the defender to his teammate. Missed layup at the rim and Wilson finishes with a put back dunk. End of third quarter: Wilson with 19 points on 7-of-12 shooting with seven rebounds. Georgia Stars up two, 53-51.

Wilson finishes with 22 points on 8-of-14 from the floor and adds eight rebounds and two assists.

Final: TSF 71, Georgia Stars 68. 

5:30 pm – 17U Boo Williams (Jaeden Mustaf) vs Indy Heat (2025s Jalen Haralson, Trent Sisley)

Indiana assistants Yasir Rosemond and Kenya Hunter here to start. 2025 guard Jalen Haralson is fantastic at finishing through contact at the rim. His size and athletic ability has always been there and now adding more muscle since last summer is sticking out. Haralson seeing a lot of defenders. Boo Williams keeping him from getting into the middle of the defense, something very difficult to do against Haralson, but they are getting it done. He may not be scoring, but Haralson has done a tremendous job getting his teammates involved and open.

2024 guard Jaeden Mustaf is working heavily on the ball. Has developed his point guard abilities over the last year. Doing a much better job early here controlling the tempo. Rarely gets sped up. Has shown the ability to get to the rim but has also hit two 3s. Mustaf is so good at creating separation from a defender. He’s not overly quick or big, but so smart at finding space. Early in the 4th quarter, Mustaf hobbles off of the floor with a leg injury (Update: he returned to the game about a minute after). Mustaf has been terrific on Haralson all night — making things extremely difficult for Haralson (just 2-of-4 from the field).

Current 2024 Purdue commit Kanon Catchings has been fantastic. His size and length on the perimeter is tremendous. He’s up to 10 points. Has been able to create off of the dribble more than in the past. That’s a very good development for his overall game — as someone who is already a terrific shooter. There has been a lot of talk about how solid his commitment is to Purdue. Multiple sources have told that at the moment, he is still committed to Purdue. That is something to keep an eye on throughout the summer, however.

2025 forward Trent Sisley struggling in this one. It’s a guards game tonight between these two teams. A lot of really good guards and wings who can create off of the dribble. Sisley isn’t someone who is going to demand the ball. He’s had a few looks at the rim that just haven’t fallen.

Jaeden Mustaf had 19 points on 6-of-9 from the floor and three assists. Jalen Haralson finished with 10 points on 2-of-5 from the floor with six rebounds and six assists. Catchings had 13 points on 5-of-9 from the field.

Final: Boo Williams 72, Indy Heat 67.

5:30 pm – 17U Florida Rebels (Liam McNeeley) vs Team United

Indiana assistants Yasir Rosemond and Kenya Hunter checking in here — court is across from where Indy Heat / Boo Williams —  2024 wing Liam McNeeley, the top Indiana target in the class is up. One of the most all-around skilled offensive players in the class. Such a smooth player. McNeeley is so efficient. Up to 10 points on 4-of-5 from the field. His ability to get to his spots on the floor and finish over and around defender is some of the best in the class.

Florida Rebels much more talented than Team United. Up 21 midway through the second quarter.

McNeeley up to 12 points on 5-of-6 from the floor with five rebounds and three assists. Such a good playmaker — both scoring and distributing.

McNeeley finishes with 12 points on 5-of-6 from the floor with five rebounds and three assists.

Final: Florida Rebels 88, Team United 57. 

5:30 pm – 17U NH Lightning (2025 Meleek Thomas) vs Expressions Elite

2025 guard Meleek Thomas is so skilled creating his own shot. At 6-foot-4, Thomas has such good size and length. His ability to get a shot up over any defender sticks out. Off to a quick start, highlighted by a two-dribble into a step-back NBA range three.

Thomas has such a good ability to get into the paint with one dribble and has a variety of moves to finish around defenders at the rim. His length really stands out.

Thomas finishes with 17 points on 7-of-11 from the field and has four rebounds and four assists.

Final: NH Lightning 92, Expressions 68

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